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How do I know if an article from a peer-reviewed journal?

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There are several indicators of a peer-review jounral. 1. Look at the publication title (if it sounds boring and complicated, then it probably is signaling that its a peer-review journal) 2. Look at the article titles within the journal (if they are super long, very descriptive and technical sounding, chances are they are signaling that its a peer-review journal article) 3. Look at the page length of the article (most peer-review journal articles are anywhere from 15 to 35 pages) 4. Look at the content of the article (Most peer-review articles will contain information about research performed. This includes a literature review, a data & methods section, an analysis and results section, and a discussion section -- why is the research findings important) 5. Most online databases will allow the user to limit the search results to 'peer review or scholarly journals' 6. If in doubt, you can search the publication title to ensure that its peer-review. Also ask your professor or the librarian, they are often knowledgable and can help.
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